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Founded in 1991, Missoula Nordic Ski Club is a volunteer-driven membership-based organization. Membership dollars support club operations, including trail grooming, clinics, and youth programs. We spend over $20,000 per year to groom ski trails at Pattee Canyon, the Rattlesnake, and support partnerships at Lolo Pass and Lubrecht Experimental Forest.  Memberships run from October to September of each year. 

Individual Membership*: $30/year
Family/Household Membership*: $50/year


(other options)
Family/Household Membership + 1 ZANY Skier: $75/year
Family/Household Membership + 2 ZANY Skiers: $100/year
Family/Household Membership + 3 ZANY Skiers: $125/year

General Donations

We happily accept non-membership donations to support grooming, ZANY, ZANY racers, ski clinics, and other events. 

Donate to the Missoula Nordic Ski Club by clicking on the "Donate" button below. 

*You may have noticed we increased our membership fees a little bit - we’re doing this both because as time passes it costs us more money to do the same things (grooming, trail maintenance, etc) as costs rise due to inflation, but ALSO and more importantly (!) because we’re growing and increasing the services provided by the club. For example, we have purchased a new snowmobile and groomer so that we have flexibility to be able to help touch-up groom Lolo Pass, Lubrecht, and possibly groom in-town golf courses if snow and conditions permit.

Missoula Nordic Ski Club is is a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit and memberships and other donations that exclude the value of goods received may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. 

Our address is:
     Missoula Nordic Ski Club
     PMB 2805
     91 Campus Drive
     Missoula, MT 59801
Memberships and donations can be sent to this address.

We do not sell or share our membership list information with outside organizations.

Craig grooming at Pattee Canyon

Craig grooming at Pattee Canyon