ZANY: Zootown Area Nordic Youth 

THANK YOU for another amazing ZANY year.

Practices for the 2017 ski season have finished. Thank you to everyone who was involved. A huge THANK YOU to our volunteers of the program: Rhiannan, Payton, Freya, Cole, Abby, Chris, Becky, Jeff, Sophia, Kathy, Cody, Sally, Skodt, Nick, Paige, Chris, Aaron, and Becca.

The Zootown Area Nordic Youth (ZANY) equips young people with the skills and knowledge to become proficient at Nordic skiing, offering both skate and classic instruction. Our enthusiastic volunteer coaches stress learning through games, nurturing a lifelong appreciation for a healthy lifestyle and connection with the winter outdoors.



What is ZANY?

ZANY is a program for kids to become more confident on skis, improve their technique and have fun skiing with kids their own age. Our goal is to provide Missoula youth with the opportunity to learn nordic skiing and enjoy it both as a sport and hobby with their peers and families. ZANY currently runs two programs: ZANY (for younger kids) and ZANY Racing (for middle & high school ages) – see below for more info on ZANY Racing.

What’s ZANY Like?

We have amazing volunteer coaches who help teach ski technique, trail etiquette, etc. We typically split into smaller coaching groups or participate in games and exercises as a large group.

Who can participate?

Any youth aged 4 to 12 can join! Just fill out the registration form. Your child should have their own equipment, but if you do not have any skis for them, use the contact us page to let us know how we can help! Ages 6 to 12 should have some experience with skating or classic; 4 and 5 year-olds who are just beginning are welcome.

How much does ZANY Cost?

We encourage membership in Missoula Nordic Ski Club and an additional donation of $25 per child earmarked for “ZANY”. Please use the "Donate" button on the membership page. You are also welcome to bring these voluntary donations to any practice. All coaches are volunteers, giving of their time and talents to help make this possible. Donations make it possible to keep up with the grooming needs, and we hope to be able to cover gifts for participants and coaches.

What's the schedule?

We meet on Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:30 PM in January and February as snow permits. The ZANY coordinator will send out specific dates each year. There may also be other opportunities on weekends. See the events page for additional events.

Where does ZANY meet?

All regular practices take place at Pattee Canyon. Generally the skiing will be on the Northside trails - on parts of the picnic and meadow loops. See the ZANY Map for more information, or visit the trail guide for a complete trail map.

Can I help Volunteer/Coach?

ZANY is successful because of the dedicated coaches who volunteer their time. The more coaches we have, the more kids we can have out on skis! If you are interested in coaching, please fill out this Coaches Information Form and contact Mike at for more information. Thanks!

My child is too old for the ZANY program - is there anything else the can join?

YES! This year, some dedicated parents have joined together to start a ZANY Racing Program. The focus is to get kids who are too old for the ZANY program coaching to help them get to the next level with cross country skiing. The group will practice twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and travel to some weekend races. Please email Mike - if you'd like to find out more!